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Cause, Care and Cure

Our approach is different. Collaborative. Innovative. And Holistic.

We embrace not just laboratory based and clinical trials research but we aim to support a broad base of projects that will address the causation, care and cure for all childhood cancers and how these impact affected children and their families.

We apply a holistic policy to our projects which may, for example, include scientific cancer research, epidemiology and etiology of cancer, social science and psychology or other approaches deemed to be of value, in particular those which address rare childhood cancers.

Adding significant value to the fight against childhood cancer, especially the rarest forms.

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We fund research and education projects that aim to make childhood cancer a thing of the past.
Join us in making this vision a reality



Geoff is Emeritus Professor of Neuro-oncology at the University of Portsmouth and previously Professor of Experimental Neuro-oncology at King’s College London. He is a Past-President of the British Neuro-oncology Society and past Honorary Treasurer and Executive of the European Association of Neuro-oncology. He also holds membership of the British Neuroscience Association, the British Neuropathological Society (formally a committee member and Programme Secretary), the Society of Neuro-oncology, and the European Association for Cancer Research as well as other professional scientific bodies. He is also Honorary Professor of Neuro-oncology and Kings College, London (Department of Basic & Clinical Neurosciences) and Visiting Professor of Neuro-oncology at the School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University. He is passionate about the use of all human in-vitro models in medicine, particularly in the context of pre-clinical testing and he champions the use of re-purposed & re-formulated drugs in the treatment of cancer. He has headed Brain Tumour Research groups, including the Brain Tumour Research Centre at Portsmouth, since the mid 1980s. In addition, he works in an advisory capacity to a number of charities within the UK. He is currently a Scientific Trustee of Animal Free Research UK and a Trustee of The Childhood Cancer Charity.

Erika’s varied background originates from a Fashion, Sales and Event planning space.  Being a third generation retail family in the US gave her an opportunity to develop and hone her skills of highly personalised client and vendor relationships, an operations background and an attention to detail.  She then pivoted her retail discipline and launched a luxury travel business while continuing to be active in various social and charitable organisations.  The event of COVID changed her perspective and she decided to pursue work within the charitable industry full time.  She brings to the table all of her experience from sales, relationship development, marketing and events as a trustee for Childhood Cancer Charity.  The ethos of cause, care and cure is a pillar of Erika’s mindset for the future.  

Zahra has a life-long passion for science and research, having studied Biochemistry of Human Disease at the University of Liverpool, in the early 2000’s, focusing on the genetic sequencing of BRAC-2 and working with a leading team of scientists to realise the potential this had to revolutionise the detection of and treatment for breast cancer in adults. Since then, Zahra has worked in business development, operational management and customer success in retail and technology sectors and has a 10-year career in charity fundraising working for leading charities, including NSPCC, UNICEF UK, Together for Short Lives and Mencap.
Zahra is proud to be working with an incredible team of Trustees and volunteers, pulling together all of her experiences from the fundraising and commercial sectors to one day make the vision of a ‘world Free From Childhood Cancer’ a reality.

T’kay is an entrepreneur with a focus on technology and pharmaceuticals. A member of The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, he believes in healthcare professionals working constructively with other stakeholders to bring positive outcomes for patients. As a pharmacist, T’kay has a strong passion for helping others using evidence-based solutions. T’kay is ambitious to contribute to his community and prevention is a key attribute of his practice. His experience in bringing ideas to fruition and implementation on an organisational level is demonstrated by his ongoing relationship with the healthcare stakeholders including the National Pharmacy Association and The Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Laura has a background in science and research, having studied Marine Biology at the University of Stirling. Since leaving university, Laura has spent the past 18 years working alongside Wealth Managers in the financial sector. She has invaluable experience in high levels of administration & client dealing as well as an acute awareness and ability to amend and adapt processes to improve efficiency. This keeps her up to date with the ever-changing financial services environment to help achieve great client outcomes, giving her a solid foundation to help lead the charity and ensure we are governed fairly and ethically.  As a mum Laura is excited to be working with her fellow trustees on a holistic approach to understanding, treating, and curing childhood cancer, to one day create a world free from childhood cancer. 


Fundraising for the people and causes we care about.

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Help us save the life of every child with cancer & give the gift of hope to children. Join our charity today on a Volunteering, Trustee or Donor level and do your bit in making cancer a thing of the past. 


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Childhood Cancer Charity support the People Behind Every Moment of Progress.

We have set up this organisation for a couple of key reasons;

  1. Whilst over £700m is invested (through public donation) into cancer research every year, at present only £15m of this goes to childhood and young people (up to the age of 24). This is a little over 2%
  2. Of this £15m around £5m is dedicated to research specifically for children under the age of 18, however is mainly focused on treatment and cure and a large amount of this funding specifically targets Leukaemia and Central Nervous System Tumours which make up around 50% of all childhood cancers.

All other childhood cancers receive very little, if any, funding. And whilst we acknowledge childhood cancer as a whole is rare, and those cancers not targeted may only affect a small number of children every year, we believe every child’s life is worth fighting for.

Around 2000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year, and currently, for every 10 children diagnosed, 2 will not survive this horrible disease. It is the biggest killer of children under the age of 15 in the UK today.  

We believe that not only is the investment in dedicated childhood cancer research is pitifully low, compounding the lack of investment is the lack of focus on the cause and prevention of childhood cancer alongside the care and treatment.

We believe the only way to stop children from dying of cancer is to look holistically at the cause, care and cure of childhood cancer and build a roadmap to eradicate this disease.

Join us today and volunteer your time as an Ambassador, Advocate or Champion and help us make childhood cancer a thing of the past!

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